High Limit European Blackjack Review | The Big Bettor’s Best Friend

If you’ve got your mind set on playing Blackjack, there are plenty of games that you can try online. However, most of them have betting limits that are suitable for hobby gamblers and players that bet up to $200 per hand. Those who like high stakes aren’t that many, and, as a result, their choices are limited.

After many inquiries, our team set out to locate a game with a good RTP rate that accepts whale-sized wagers. “High Limit European Blackjack” by Microgaming turned out to be one of the most suitable releases. This review will give you all the vital information about the title and show you where to play it in 2021.

The Casinos That Offer High Limit European Blackjack Online

Genesis casino logo
Genesis Casino

“Spin where nobody has spun before” is a great catchphrase coined by this space-themed operator. Enjoy a constellation of over 1,300 games that includes plenty of options for high rollers. Genesis Casino presents lots of ways to transfer your funds and uses the latest encryption methods for air-tight security.

32Red casino logo

This respected venue launched back in 2002 and still holds an excellent reputation. Both the UKGC and the Government of Gibraltar license the casino, which is famous for its free chips and fast payouts. 32Red always delivers quality, 24/7 customer support through its highly-rated representatives and helpful FAQ section.

Royal Vegas casino logo
Royal Vegas

A glitzy gaming site that welcomes new players with a 100% deposit match of up to $1,200. The house is certified by the Malta Gaming Authority and approved by eCOGRA. It also boasts over 600 Microgaming products, including High Limit European Blackjack online.

Breaking down the High Limit European Blackjack Rules

an online game of high limit european blackjack

Before we dive deep into the rulebook, we feel that it’s necessary to discuss the betting limits. This game has a range of accepted wagers that casinos can freely adjust. For example, the version at 32Red can be played with bets between $2,000 and $20,000, while the one at Royal Vegas has much humbler $10-$1,000 limitations. Thus, it makes sense to determine how much money you’d like to play and choose an according operator.

Now, let’s move onto the High Limit European Blackjack rules. The house deals from a shoe of two 52-card decks that are shuffled before each round. The dealer will always stand on 17, won’t peek for Blackjack, but will offer insurance if their up-card is an Ace.

Doubling down can only happen if your first two cards have a combined hard value (no Ace is in the hand) of 9, 10, or 11. If you want to split your hand, you need to have a couple of cards with the same denomination (e.g., K-K, 10-10, 8-8) and put down a bet that’s equal to your initial wager. Also, you can’t double when splitting in High Limit European Blackjack online.

Start Playing with This Easy Tutorial

We usually don’t prepare new player guides for high roller games, as we believe that one needs to learn the ropes before putting down serious sums of money. However, this release is old and has an interface that’s quite different from what you might be used to. If you’d like to know how to bet and play with confidence, feel free to take a look at the below instructions:

Online version of High limit european blackjack

High Limit European Blackjack by Microgaming: Odds and RTP

You won’t find any nasty surprises in the payout section of this title. Regular wins will return an amount equal to the bet you’ve placed while scoring a natural 21 has a 3:2 reward. The insurance bet costs 50% of your original wager and pays 2:1.

However, we wouldn’t recommend ever taking insurance. Even in a game with two decks, there’s a bigger chance that the dealer won’t have a Blackjack. If you play according to main strategy, you’ll be able to achieve a theoretical return of 99.60%. In other words, the house edge is slightly lower compared to what we’ve seen from most other products in this genre.

In Summary

So, what have we learned from this High Limit European Blackjack Review? For starters, the game isn’t suitable for everyone. Although its betting limits vary, they usually cater to VIP customers and high rollers, which should be the ones looking for it in the first place. Also, its interface is dated, and the title might disappear at the end of 2020 when most web browsers will stop supporting Flash.

However, those who play with big sums of money won’t find many other tables that allow bets of up to $20,000 per round. If you feel ready to take on this big challenge, register at one of the casinos we approve, and good luck!

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