Blackjack Surrender 2024 — How to Cut Your Losses in Risky Situations

Blackjack Surrender is a variant of the game that allows players to fold their hands. When you surrender your cards, you forfeit half of your bet and get to keep the other half. This is an appealing option if you have been dealt a weak hand, as any losses will be minimized.

The optimal strategy indicates that in some situations, it’s better to sacrifice 50% of your bet than to lose it all. Our review will help you understand when to pick this move and recommend games that allow you to pull it off.

It’s Best to Play Blackjack Surrender Online

You won’t see this variant at many land-based casinos. This is because, in some scenarios, folding reduces the house edge and gives players better odds. Thus, it’s best to look for Blackjack Surrender online. Here, we’ll list games that we’ve reviewed, the developers that made them, and iGaming sites that offer them. You can read more about each title and the operators by visiting their dedicated pages:

Game RTP Made by Try here
Blackjack Surrender Multihand 99.66% Playtech Visit Sloto’Cash
Blackjack Surrender 99.66% Playtech Visit Sloto’Cash
Match Play 21 99.27% RealTime Gaming Visit Sloto’Cash
Live Blackjack Early Payout 99.50% Visionary iGaming Visit Sloto’Cash
Blackjack Atlantic City 99.54% iSoftBet Visit MELbet

The Blackjack Surrender Rules You Need to Know

an online game of blackjack surrender

There isn’t a huge difference between classic versions of the game and those that feature the option to surrender. Your goal remains the same — beat the dealer by achieving a score of 21 (or something close to it) and avoid busting with a 22 or higher number. You’ll still be able to hit, stand, split and double down, although there could be different rules regarding the latter two moves in individual Blackjack Surrender releases.

Most often, the option to surrender will appear at the beginning of your turn. Keep in mind that it will become unavailable as soon as you perform any other action. That being said, you can encounter the odd title that does allow you to fold at a later point. One such example Visionary iGaming’s “Blackjack Early Payout”, a live dealer version where you can cash out at any point before busting. For us, this “early payout” is just a re-branded surrender option with a house edge of around 2%.

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What Is the Perfect Blackjack Surrender Strategy?

It turns out that the possibility of folding your cards is more than just a gimmick. You will find Blackjack Surrender strategy charts that will show you the exact scenarios where surrendering is a great move. On a weak hand, your chances of winning are less than 25%, so you might as well take half of your bet back. Here are a couple of strategy tips for surrender that some players like to go by.

Blackjack Surrender After a Split

In some versions of Blackjack Surrender online, the hand can be divided several times if you draw a pair or two ten-value cards. Surrendering after splits is usually a no-go. If you want to have the opportunity to fold after you’ve performed an action, your only choice is to go for “Blackjack Early Payout”, which we discussed earlier.

We have encountered several RNG releases that give players the option to fold late, but they’re based on Flash, meaning that support for them will end in the next few months.

More Blackjack Late Surrender Strategy Tips

There are actually two types of surrender games. An “early surrender” variant gives the player the option to forfeit the hand before the dealer has checked for Blackjack. However, this Blackjack Surrender iteration is quite rare, as Playtech, RTG, and other developers have adopted the late surrender for their RNG products. You can find strategy charts that are specifically crafted for the late surrender type. Even if you don’t want to follow a chart, it’s a game that offers a high return-to-player rate, so you might want to give it a try.

Other Types of Blackjack Games

blackjack pro

Standard blackjack at its best - a good choice for both beginners and advanced players.

blackjack double attack

In this version, you are offered side bets and double bets, as well as a ‘Bust It!’ wager.