Blackjack Double Attack

If you’re looking for something different, Blackjack Double Attack is a quirky variant on the original game. In this version, you are offered side bets and double bets, as well as a ‘Bust It!’ wager. It offers enough variety to keep you entertained without the rules being too confusing. The game is played with 8 packs of 48 cards, known as Spanish decks, as all of the 10s have been removed. In this version, the odds of blackjack are reduced, and it is only paid at a rate of 1-1. However, the insurance payout is high at 5:2, which comes as some compensation.

The Rules of Blackjack Double Attack

At first glance, the rules of Blackjack Double Attack might seem a little perplexing, so let’s make it all a bit clearer by going through the play process.

  • First, you place your initial bet in the normal way. Then the dealer is dealt a card, which is placed face-up on the table.
  • Now you can choose Max Double Attack, or you can skip. If you decide to skip, your game will proceed in the normal way. After your cards have been dealt though, you’ll have the option of doubling your initial bet.
  • When you select Max Double Attack, you are placing a side bet that equals the amount of your initial bet. You’re betting that your hand will be better than the dealer’s. Once you’ve clicked on this option, you can either confirm or clear your bets.

Now your cards are dealt. The dealer’s second card is also dealt, but it remains face down. Again, you will see some options onscreen. You can:

  • Hit – be dealt one or more cards.
  • Stand – keep the hand you’ve been dealt.
  • Double Initial – double your initial bet.
  • Double Max – both your initial and your Max Attack bets are doubled.
  • Surrender – you don’t play your hand, but you forfeit half your bet.

Remember that the dealer stands on Soft 17 in this game. You should also note that once you’ve chosen to double either your initial bet or the double attack bet, only one more card will be dealt to you. After this, you will only be able to stand or surrender.

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Applying Strategy to Blackjack Double Attack

There are some differences in play that can be helpful when you are deciding upon a strategy. The first to note is that the surrender and the double options remain onscreen throughout play. Even after you’ve hit, you’ve got the choice of doubling your bets or throwing in the towel. The rules on a split are versatile, too. You can split a pair up to four times, and play each hand separately. Aces can also be split, but you’ll only be dealt one card afterwards. When you split, your initial bet is doubled. Don’t forget that, in this game, your Max Attack bet will be doubled as well. All of the standard blackjack strategy charts will work on Blackjack Double Attack. There are two basic rules of play that you can follow, though.

  • When the dealer’s card is 2-8, use the double attack option.
  • Don’t double your bet when the dealer's card is 9 or above.

Betting Options in Blackjack Double Attack

an online game of blackjack double attack

This game provides an interesting option for a side bet. This is known as Bust It. Before you make your initial bet or see the dealer’s first card, you can place another bet in the Bust It circle. This bet pays out if the dealer goes bust with 3 cards. The amount paid out in this instance varies, depending on the cards. The largest pay out of 200-1 is if the dealer busts on three 8s, and the smallest is 3-1 on a face card. The Bust It option adds another element to the game, and you’ll be paid out even if you’ve surrendered your hand.

A final note on the insurance bet. The dealer peeks for blackjack when an ace is drawn, and you then have the option to take insurance. Although many players reject the insurance bet, the odds are slightly more favorable in this game, and the payout is high. The tip is to take the insurance bet unless you have a face card in play.

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