Why Was This Website Created

Blackjack Online Casinos is the project of two keen blackjack players who decided that they wanted to create a website that was dedicated to everything to do with their favourite card game. With almost half a century of blackjack experience between them, there isn't much that this duo don't know about the game, and this site is the result of their desire to share their passions with the rest of the world. Thanks to Harold's extensive knowledge and Patrick's skills and motivation, their dream has now become a reality and they now aim to share their top tips and strategies so that everyone can enjoy the game as much as they do and enjoy as much success as possible at the gaming table.

If you have any questions you'd like to ask Harold or Patrick, or if you'd like to play a game of blackjack with two of the best players out there, don't hesitate to get in touch, they are more than happy to help!

Harold M. Hart

Harold comes from Cambridgeshire in the UK and is an ex-professional blackjack player. Although it wasn't the path that he was destined to take in life ā€“ his father wanted him to follow in his footsteps and become a maths teacher ā€“ he found the draw of the gaming table just too strong to resist.

He first encountered blackjack when he was at university and was invited to a casino night event which was being held to raise money for charity. It was his first ever gambling experience, but it was certainly not his last. Once he spotted the blackjack table, he couldn't resist a flutter, and after winning a couple of hands he was hooked!

a photo of cofounder Harold M. Hart

He started playing free blackjack games on the internet, and then eventually decided to register with an online casino. While there weren't anywhere near as many options available back then, 1996 was a boon year for online gambling and Harold rode the wave. However, after losing more of his student grant than he could afford to lose, he decided that he needed to either give up blackjack for good, or learn more about it so that he could maximise his chances of success. He chose the latter.

He started reading exhaustively on the subject, finding out about the different strategies and ideas, and then he went about putting them into practice, discovering which worked best for him. He had soon recouped his losses and didn't even need to take out a student loan for his third year he had won so much money from his on-the-side gambling.

After leaving university, he took a job as a mortgage advisor in a call centre, but during the evenings, he would still play blackjack online. It was only when he realised that he was making more money from his games than he was making in his annual salary that he decided to quit the day job and become a professional player.

While Harold did occasionally play in land-based casinos, he preferred the online environment which allowed him to focus and concentrate more effectively, then with the advent of live online blackjack, he could enjoy the best of both worlds. He participated in numerous tournaments, winning sums worth twice his former salary in just the first three months of his new career.

After a decade, Harold decided to retire from professional tournaments and instead decided to focus on creating his own strategies and giving tips to wannabe players. He publishes articles on the subject and is in the process of writing a book of his experiences.

Patrick Munch

a photo of cofounder Patrick Munch

Unlike Harold, Patrick was never a professional blackjack player, although he can say truthfully that he was playing ā€œ21sā€ almost from the moment he was born! His family were always dedicated card players, and introduced their eldest son to the game at a very early age, playing with matchsticks and buttons. He was such a fan of the game that he taught it to all his friends, and by the time he was in high school he had already been in trouble for encouraging his classmates to play in the common room for small change!

Patrick came to online gambling relatively late in life, and in fact it wasn't until he was in his thirties that he first registered with an online casino. Initially beginning with free games, he eventually progressed to low wagers in real money online games, something which didn't please his wife Julie! However, she soon changed her mind after he had a few good wins and they went on holiday to Cyprus with the profits!

Nevertheless he was uncertain about trying live blackjack games online, however after the first couple of times he found he really enjoyed the different vibe and the way he could interact with the other players. It was at one such game on an April night two years ago that he met Harold. The pair started chatting during the game and found that they had a lot in common.

By chance, they ran into each other again a couple of weeks later in the same live gaming room and started chatting again. It turned out that they only lived 20 miles apart and arranged to meet up for drinks and a casual game. During their conversation, they concocted a plan to devise their own website dedicated to their favourite game. As a qualified web developer, Patrick had all of the skills that Harold needed to launch a platform for his knowledge and experience in the game. Together, they began work on their project and the rest, as they say, is history.