Playing Blackjack in a Mobile Casino

Did you know that you no longer have to stop playing online when you leave the house? Nowadays, many casinos offer mobile versions of their games for smartphones and tablets. With games available for the majority of devices, it’s really easy to start playing. You can begin a game of blackjack at home, and continue it on the bus or train.

What could be more convenient? In this article, we will brief you in on all the details you need to know about playing blackjack on your mobile device in order to get the most beneficial experience.

Using a Mobile Device for Blackjack

blackjack for various mobile platforms

You’re probably wondering if there is any loss of quality when you’re playing blackjack on the go. Well, mobile technology has made such rapid advances that processing speeds aren’t a problem. The games stream seamlessly on most devices. What’s more, you’ll enjoy the same enhanced graphics that you’re accustomed to. All of the top providers optimize their games for mobile use, so you won’t have anything unnecessary on your screen. Even on a small device, you’ll have enough space to play. But there are a few things to consider before deciding to go mobile.

  • There’s a more limited choice of games.
  • Many of the older games don’t have mobile versions.
  • Some free play options aren’t available.

Best Blackjack Casino Apps

Rank Casino Bonus Payout Mobile Rating Visit
Royal Panda
$100 98.21% Yes 5 Visit now Royal Panda review
$500 98.57% Yes 4.5 Visit now 888Casino review
$100 96.92% Yes 4.3 Visit now Redkings casino review

Mobile Blackjack Games for Browsers

playing blackjack on a smartphone

There are two ways to play mobile blackjack – as an app in your browser or as a downloadable app. In the past, downloadable apps tended to be the preferred choice, but the advent of HTML5 has changed all that. Now, most casinos are able to provide games which can be played in a browser, and are compatible with a wide range of operating systems and devices. The main advantage of a browser-based app is that it doesn’t have to be downloaded, so it doesn’t take up any memory on your device. There are no updates to bother with either, as these are handled centrally.

Once you’ve registered online with a casino, you simply sign in with your user name and password, and you’re all ready to go. Most sites allow you to create a shortcut, which you can place on your screen. You can just tap and play. It’s worth nothing that Browser apps require an internet connection. However, WiFi is readily accessible in most places these days, so this isn’t usually a problem.

Mobile Blackjack Apps

Because native apps are written for specific platforms, some players prefer to download an app onto their device. You can find mobile apps in the iTunes App Store, in the Google Play Store, or you can download them directly from casino websites. There is a more limited selection of apps for mobile. Casinos will generally have a browser option for their games, but there won’t always be a native app available. In terms of games, you will find plenty available for iOS and Android, but less choice when it comes to Windows and Blackberry devices.

Still, there are plenty of benefits to using a downloaded app. The app can be played offline, and an internet connection is only needed for updates. Unlike the browser-based version, the app doesn’t need to download pages, so it won’t swallow up any time or data. And many players find the game play is better, especially for the fast-paced versions of blackjack. Although there can be a little lag on the browser games, there isn’t any on the downloaded apps.

Providers of Mobile Games

All of the top developers have joined the mobile market, and offer games that cater for multiple devices. In most cases, you have the choice between browser-based play or you can download an app. With tap and swipe screens, it couldn’t be easier to play.

Security Tips for Mobile Play

On the whole, playing blackjack on your mobile device is just as safe as when you engage in regular play. But just in case your device is ever lost or stolen, there are some additional precautions that you should take.

staying safe while playing blackjack online

If you experience any problems with your account, you should contact the casino’s customer service department immediately.

Hassle-Free Mobile Play

So what happens if you’re playing blackjack on your phone, and the Internet drops out? Well, the good news is that none of your data will be lost. The casinos records stay on their servers, so you’ll be able to rejoin your game at the same point. With Omni-channel software, your mobile gaming is linked to your desktop, so everything you do is in one account. When it comes to financing your play, you just deposit your money in the usual way. The majority of welcome bonuses can be used for mobile games, but you should check this before you start to play.

The Future of Mobile Casinos

When most people want to surf the net, they reach for a mobile device, so it comes as no surprise to learn that the mobile casino is a rapidly expanding market. The more traditional games, such as blackjack and variations like Surrender and Double Attack, are already available for mobile, but new and innovative versions are being added all the time. There’s nothing to lose by going mobile. The quality of the games and the ease of play remains the same. The only difference is that you can play whenever you want and wherever you are!

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