Blackjack Surrender Multihand Review 2021 — A Premium Playtech Game with Top Payouts

Blackjack is a straightforward game with tremendous payout potential. However, there are countless interpretations of this casino classic. Some versions stick to the regular rules and are favored by traditionalists, while others feature exotic twists and side bets that spice things up.

It’s rare to see a title that combines the two polarities well, which is why we’re excited to tell you about Blackjack Surrender Multihand online. This Playtech product is customizable and has the goods to satisfy every fan of the genre. Read on to learn more about its payouts and features. If you’d like to try it out, check out our list of approved operators.

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These Are the Essential Blackjack Surrender Multihand Rules

Playing online Blackjack Surrender Multihand

We like how the regulations of this release aren’t skewed to increase its house edge. The only bummer is that it’s played with six standard decks, which reduces your chance of getting natural 21s by a small amount. On the bright side, the Blackjack Surrender Multihand rules require the croupier to stand on all 17s and peek for naturals if their up-card is an Ace or is worth 10 points.

Expectedly, you need to beat the house with a higher point total without surpassing the 21-point mark and going bust. Double downs are allowed before you hit for the first time and right after a split. You can split a hand only once, but it’s possible to hit all divided hands except Ace pairs.

As the title indicates, you can play with up to five hands at once. Activating more than one position against the dealer increases volatility, a term for the risk/reward ratio. Blackjack Surrender Multihand by Playtech also allows you to fold any 2-card hand and take half of your bet back. This should be done when you have a hard 16 (split in case of two 8s) versus a 9, 10, or Ace on the dealer side. The “7-card Charlie” rule is another little bonus to players. If you manage to draw a total of 7 cards without busting, you’ll beat any dealer hand except a natural 21. Now, let’s cover the two side bets.

Make Things Interesting with the “Pairs” and “21+3” Side Bets

If you wish to add more excitement to your play session, you can always put money on the “Player/Dealer Pairs” and “21+3” wagers. These are optional bets in Blackjack Surrender Multihand online that come with bigger payouts and a higher house edge. Purists will be happy to know that they can disable them altogether from the “Settings” menu.

“Player’s Pair” and “Dealer’s Pair” bets are separate, so you’ll need to place chips on two positions if you wish to activate both of them. They pay when the starting two cards are of the same rank. You get a 6:1 payout if the pair contains a black and a red card, 12:1 if the suit is of the same color, and 25:1 for cards of an identical suit.

Blackjack Surrender Multihand by Playtech

The other bet in Blackjack Surrender Multihand by Playtech pays when your starting cards and the dealer’s up-card form a:

A Step-By-Step Tutorial for New Players

If you wish to adjust your sound, check the rules, and access the “Settings” menu, you’ll find the relevant buttons at the top-right corner.

Does Blackjack Surrender Multihand by Playtech Have Good Payouts?

We’ve reached the most important part of our Blackjack Surrender Multihand review. It’s time to talk about the all-important payouts, and we’re happy to say that we have good news. If you follow basic strategy and avoid the side bets, this game will award you with an RTP of 99.66%. This is around 0.16% higher than the normal return rate for the genre.

The lower house edge is largely due to the rules, as the payouts are normal — 3:2 for naturals, and 1:1 for all other wins. If you want to throw in a side bet now and then, it’s best to pick “21+3”. Its 4.62% house edge is lower than the 6.11% casino advantage of the “Pairs” wagers.

Here’s Our Final Grade

Our team has reviewed hundreds of table games, and we can confidently say that Blackjack Surrender Multihand by Playtech is incredibly well-rounded. It can satisfy players of any budget and taste, it functions smoothly on computers, phones, and tablets, and it impresses on the visual side. Furthermore, the developers have included nifty options that allow you to customize the layout and gameplay speeds.

The best thing is that you can test this title and make your own judgment. Simply visit one of our recommended casinos and fire up the demo mode to play for free. If you decide to stake real cash, don’t forget to utilize one of their many bonuses.

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