Lucky Lucky Blackjack Review 2021 — One of the Finest Playtech’s Games of 21

Playtech is one of the most productive online Blackjack developers. The company offers around 100 RNG and live games of 21, causing many to wonder which one is the best of the bunch. We’re trying to find the answer using an old-fashioned approach — reviewing each individual release and posting our findings on this site.

Today, we’ll take a look at a promising title called Lucky Lucky Blackjack. Online casinos tend to highlight it because of its name, modern looks, and a thrilling side bet. But is it all that good? Let’s find out!

These Operators Are Perfect for Playing Lucky Lucky Blackjack Online

Exploring the Fundamental Lucky Lucky Blackjack Rules

Let’s ignore the side bet for a moment (it has a dedicated section) and focus on the core aspects of this game. Lucky Lucky Blackjack’s rules require the croupier to stand on all 17s and not peek for Blackjack in any situation. Cards are dealt out of a 6-deck shoe and shuffled every round. You will be offered insurance every time an Ace comes out on the dealer side. It might seem like a prudent move, but the statistics indicate that the bet does not pay true odds and should be avoided.

Demo game of Lucky Lucky Blackjack

You can play with up to five hands against the house, a great option for those who want to increase the risk/reward ratio. Conversely, only one split is allowed per hand. Lucky Lucky Blackjack online allows double downs before you draw a third card and right after a split. If you double down against a dealer Ace, you will lose the entire bet. However, if you perform the same action versus a 10-value card, the double-downed wager is returned. Lastly, there’s the “10-card Charlie” rule. If your hand somehow reaches 10 cards without busting, you’ll automatically win, except when the dealer has a natural 21. It’s a long shot, but it’s statistically possible.

Everything You Need to Know about the “Lucky Lucky” Side Bet

If you’ve ever played live or RNG games of 21, you’ll quickly understand how the side bet works in Lucky Lucky Blackjack by Playtech. In a nutshell, you can consider it an altered form of the ultra-popular “21+3” bet, as it grants payouts when your initial two cards and the croupier’s up-card form a certain combination. The rewards are plentiful and quite generous. Let’s take a look at the list:

Do note that this wager is completely optional. You are required to place a regular bet to activate it.

New to Blackjack? Use This Tutorial

Lucky Lucky Blackjack online features an intuitive interface so that new players can get started rather easily. Still, if you plan to play for real money at some point, it would be best to maximize your returns by avoiding costly mistakes. Follow the steps in our guide, and you’ll be playing like a seasoned veteran in mere minutes:

Playing online Lucky Lucky Blackjack by Playtech

In general, it’s best to hit all hands with a score lower than 17. From there, you can stand. That’s similar to how the croupier proceeds. However, if you have a 17- or an 18-point hand that contains an Ace (also known as a soft hand), you might want to hit it, especially against an Ace or 10-value up-card on the dealer side. Doubles are mostly viable when you have a hard 10 or 11. Splits are more complicated and require knowledge of basic strategy, which is important if you want to squeeze out the best returns. Thus, you might want to google “Blackjack basic strategy”, download a chart, and use it while playing.

The Payouts and House Edge of Lucky Lucky Blackjack by Playtech

The Lucky Lucky Blackjack rules are fairly standard, which is a strong indication of a lack of surprises on the payouts side. Much like every classic version out there, you’ll receive a 3:2 compensation when you score a natural 21, while all other regular wins grant even-money payoffs. The house edge on this title measures in at 0.42%, assuming you follow basic strategy. The value is standard for Blackjack, meaning that the expected returns here are superior to other genres like Slots, Baccarat, or Roulette.

Meanwhile, the house edge on the side bet is set to 3.94%. In other words, you’ll lose more money over the long run if you play it regularly in Lucky Lucky Blackjack online, but its highly volatile nature is capable of granting a big payout every now and then.

Some Final Words of Advice

This Playtech product is quite well-rounded and competitive. It packs eye-catching graphics, sleek animations, and works perfectly on phones and tablets. Its rulebook and paytable will satisfy Blackjack purists, while those looking to make things interesting can always resort to the optional wager and multi-hand play.

Still, we can’t declare it as the best Playtech game in terms of return rates. The company’s “Blackjack Switch” takes the prize with its impressive 99.87% RTP, but it’s a more complicated release that requires a completely different strategy. The good news is that the list at the beginning of our Lucky Lucky Blackjack review contains sites that have both of these titles and hundreds of other premium games in stock, so you can experiment and see which one is best suited to your tastes.

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