Blackjack Mini Online – A Rare Game with a High RTP

The straightforward nature of Blackjack makes it available in many forms. You could play hundreds of classic and exotic versions against the computer or enter a live lobby and see a real croupier deal the cards. Some sites even have it as an optional mini game that runs in a small section of your screen while you’re doing something else.

As you might suspect, the Playtech title that we’ll discuss here falls into the last category. Our 2021 review will help you learn where to play Blackjack Mini online, summarize its rules, and inspect its payouts.

The Online Casinos That Offer Blackjack Mini by Playtech

The first thing that you need to know is that this isn’t a standalone release. In other words, typing “Blackjack Mini” into the search bar of a Playtech casino won’t yield any results. The game is mainly intended for sports betting fans who want an additional entertainment element in their bookmaking client. You can also find it in the computer applications of some operators.

an online game of blackjack mini by Playtech

Therefore, you would have to look at all-in-one gaming sites for a chance to locate this title. Some prime examples include:

Don’t feel obliged to search for it if you’re not a punter. Playtech’s portfolio is full of quality alternatives to Blackjack Mini online. You can check them out by reading our other dedicated reviews.

These Blackjack Mini Rules Are Worth Remembering

Now that we got the availability question out of the way, it’s time to focus on the essence of this release. This version of Blackjack follows the standard Vegas Strip ruleset almost to a T. You can play with one hand or add a second and third one to increase volatility.

The shoe packs six standard decks with 52 cards, and the dealer draws until 16 and stands on all 17s. As usual, splits and doubles accompany the standard hit and stand actions. The Blackjack Mini rules forbid re-splits, but you can hit all divided pairs that aren’t Aces. You can only double right after the first two cards in your hand (or split) have been dealt.

Lastly, the dealer won’t peek for Blackjack, which is slightly detrimental to the RTP. You can place an insurance bet when the house’s upcard is an Ace, but we advise against it. The house edge on this wager is quite hefty.

Get Going with Our Easy Tutorial

Don’t worry if you’re totally new to Blackjack. This title is stripped down to the essentials, which makes it a perfect pick for those who are still learning the ropes. Follow our step-by-step guide below, and you’ll start playing in just a couple of minutes:

Online version of blackjack mini

If you wish to adjust the volume, access the “Help” screen, or tweak the settings, refer to the two buttons at the bottom-left corner.

Blackjack Mini Online: RTP, Odds, and Payouts

In addition to being compact and straightforward, this Blackjack version pays well. Regular wins get you the standard 1:1 payout, while the reward for a natural is x1.5 times your bet. When we take the player-friendly rules into account, the game works out an RTP of 99.58%.

Still, you need to stick to necessary strategy if you wish to get the best return rates. Taking unneeded risks and paying for insurance (7.39% house edge) will lower the theoretical RTP.

To Conclude

Blackjack Mini by Playtech is a bit hard to find, but it packs all of the awesome characteristics of the classic table game. It runs swiftly, features multi-hand play, and gives great returns to experienced and lucky players.

We wouldn’t advise you to waste a lot of time searching for it, as Playtech casinos usually boast 20+ other versions with all kinds of thrilling rules and side bets. If you want to check it out, see if it’s featured at one of the operators we mentioned at the beginning. For more top recommendations, feel free to read our other reviews.

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