Progressive Blackjack Review 2021 - Is the Jackpot Bet Worth It?

It’s no wonder that progressive jackpot games are the most popular in the gaming industry. The thought of becoming rich in seconds has crossed the minds of most people. However, players often encounter the same problem. Jackpots are frequently attached to Slot machines with a steep house edge, making the cost of participation high.

Playtech’s Progressive Blackjack online might offer a solution. This title mixes consistent return rates with the opportunity to grab a big reward. Our latest report will help you determine whether the game is worth it by examining its rules and odds. If you decide to give it a go, the below list contains the best casinos you can join today.

Play Progressive Blackjack Online for Real Money in These Verified Venues

NetBet casino logo

NetBet’s entertainment arsenal is so large that the casino separates it into several pages. You can find Playtech’s portfolio of awesome Slots and tables. Meanwhile, the “Casino” tab is full of content from NetEnt, Microgaming, and other developers. This all-in-one site also features Virtual Sports, Sports Betting, Bingo, and Poker clients.

Mansion casino logo
Mansion Casino

Our Progressive Blackjack review crew can’t help but list the esteemed Mansion Casino. In the past couple of years, this venue won international prizes for the best iGaming site and customer service. Its mobile apps for iOS and Android are exceptional, while it’s also worth knowing that you can charge deposits on your phone bill.

bgo casino logo

This fully-licensed venue accepts players from the UK, Canada, Finland, and Norway. Newcomers can start exploring the rich selection of RNG and live games with a 100% match bonus up to $300. bgo’s loyalty scheme is great for regular players, granting free spins and bonus funds based on weekly and monthly activity levels.

Dafabet casino logo

One of Asia’s largest operators is fully-translated in English and open to customers from Canada and Europe. Dafabet Casino is a good choice for those who want a bit of everything, as its combines Progressive Blackjack online and other Playtech hits with Baccarat, Sic Bo, and exotic video slots that are very popular in the East.

The Progressive Blackjack Rules You Need to Know

The first step to understanding how this game works is to examine its fundamental rules. Here, we’ll cover the regulations concerning the main wager. You can find a full breakdown of the jackpot side bet in the below paragraph.

In a nutshell, the base game doesn’t differ much from traditional versions that are available online. The house uses a shoe of six decks and shuffles occur between each round. The croupier will stand on all 17s, which is great, but they won’t peek for a natural. You’ll still be offered insurance when you see an Ace on the other side, but the house edge on this bet is big, so the optimal Progressive Blackjack strategy is to skip it.

You can double down before hitting any regular or split hand. This move is good when you have a total of 10 or 11 points. If you get two cards with equal value, you can split them once to create two hands. Keep in mind that landing a 21 from a split won’t count as a natural, so the dealer can beat it with a Blackjack. Also, when dividing Aces, you’ll receive only one additional card.

Here’s How the Jackpot Side Bet Works

To qualify for the pooled prize, you’ll need to insert a virtual coin in the little slit above the main betting area. This activates a side bet in Progressive Blackjack online that pays out different rewards on certain conditions. Here’s what your hand must contain to win:

Playing online Progressive Blackjack

Do note that you’ll need to start with two suited A’s and draw a further two consecutively to win the grand reward. Also, it’s a bad idea to split Aces if you have the side bet active, as divided hands are calculated separately.

Another important thing to remember from our Progressive Blackjack review is how the jackpot grows. The game starts with a $50,000 pool and takes 3% from every wager to grow further. At the time of writing, the pot is swelled to $202,000.

A Step-By-Step Tutorial for New Players

This tutorial explains how to locate the title, start placing bets, and provides strategy tips. It also highlights the main settings and customization options. Feel free to skip it if you’re familiar with Playtech products. However, if you’re new, it can help you play like a pro in a few minutes.

Progressive Blackjack guidelines

Keep in mind that the side bet is only available when you play for real money. Aside from that, you can tweak this release to your liking. For example, you can switch between colors for the table from a button at the top-left side. The volume slider, betting history, and additional options can be found at the top-right edge.

What’s the RTP When You Use the Best Progressive Blackjack Strategy?

If you follow key strategy to a T, the game will reward you with a return rate of 99.53%. Put differently, your chances of winning are 0.47% lower than 50:50. The house edge is typical for Blackjack, which is considered as the most generous gambling genre. The two main payouts are 3:2 for natural 21s and 1:1 for all other wins.

On top of that, Progressive Blackjack online gives you the opportunity to win a sizable prize. Admittedly, the jackpot isn’t as big as the multi-million fortunes of “Mega Moolah” and other famous Slots, but you can expect to have more winning sessions from this classic release. The side bet has a lower RTP of 94.85%. However, it increases in proportion to the pot. If you see that the prize is above $580,000, this means that the house edge has totally disappeared. Most often, the sum tends to hover around the $200,000-$300,000 mark.

In Conclusion, This Game Is Awesome

We’re quite fond of this Playtech creation. At its core, it’s a competitive, traditional game of 21 with great return rates. On top of that, Progressive Blackjack online has a side bet that gives you a small chance to win a hefty sum.

Still, there is one problem that we can’t ignore. The title runs on the old Flash player, making it incompatible with mobile devices. What’s even worse is that support for Flash will cease in the coming months, and we have no idea if Playtech has prepared a remake. Thus, you might want to enjoy this jewel while you still can. Select one of our recommended operators, and may luck be with you!

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