IGT Multihand Blackjack Review — Where Modern Visuals Meet Classic Payouts

Our team has reviewed countless online blackjacks. In our experience, the best games of 21 have:

  • Great graphics & gameplay;
  • Above-average payouts;
  • Wide wagering limits suitable for budget players, high rollers, and betting system users;

Gaming software that meets the above criteria is incredibly hard to find, so we’re always happy when we stumble upon the occasional rare gem. Our latest discovery is IGT Multihand Blackjack. Online casinos tend to avoid this game because of its low house edge. Fortunately, we were able to locate two licensed websites that offer it today. Read on to learn everything about the game and where to play it.

Play IGT Multihand Blackjack Online at These Casinos

Golden Nugget Casino logo
Golden Nugget

The famous Golden Nugget has been voted as the number 1 licensed operator in the USA for the last few years. Aside from offering a premium collection of slots and table games, this site impresses with a giant selection of bonuses for its casino and sports betting sections. Keep in mind that the site is available only in states where online gambling is regulated.

NetBet casino logo

The UK version of NetBet has an intriguing variant of Multihand Blackjack by IGT. It includes the “Perfect Pairs” and “21+3” side bets that are not present in the original. Furthermore, betting starts at £0.10, making the game suitable for low rollers. If your first deposit is £50 or more, this casino will throw in 500 slot spins to get you going on the right foot.

Analyzing IGT Multihand Blackjack Rules

Blackjack Perfect Pairs Rules

Decks Used 8
Does Dealer Hit Soft 17? No
Dealer Peek Yes
Insurance Yes
Surrender No
Even-Money No
Charlie Rule Yes
Split Yes
Double Yes
Re-Split Yes
Double After Split Yes
Hit Split Aces No
Multi-Hand Mode Yes
Side Bets No

The only less-than-perfect part about the rules of this release is that it uses 8 decks. As you might know, having more cards in play reduces slightly your chances of landing a natural, which conversely beefs up the house edge. The option to surrender is not included, but, to be fair, it’s not that common in online Blackjack.

All the other IGT Multihand Blackjack rules are favorable towards the player. The croupier will always stand when their hand reaches 17 points, regardless if it contains an Ace or not. They’ll also check for a natural whenever the up-card they’re showing is valued at 10 points or is an Ace. Additionally, if you’re somehow able to draw 8 cards to a hand and not bust it, you’ll automatically win.

There are no nasty restrictions for double downs and splits. You can double on any 2-card hand and split whenever this couple of cards has an equal point value. You may re-split once per hand and double/hit all divided hands except those consisting of two Aces. The classic version of Multihand Blackjack by IGT doesn’t have side bets, but, as we already mentioned, a variant with “21+3” and “Perfect Pairs” exists. Both versions allow you to play with up to three hands against the house as a way to crank up the volatility. The betting limits of the classic version stand at $1-$1,000 per hand.

How to Easily Find & Play a Demo

Play Multihand Blackjack by IGT for free
  1. Most often, the free-to-play modes of gambling games can be found in online casinos. Since this release is quite elusive, the most time-efficient thing you could do is pick one of the two sites that we listed at the start of this IGT Multihand Blackjack review. Golden Nugget won’t require registration for playing the demo, while NetBet UK should allow you to play after you confirm your age as per UKGC regulations.
  2. The easiest way of locating this title is by setting the “Game studio/Provider” filter to IGT. Once you start it, tap on the “Chip Selector” icon at the bottom-right, pick one of the available denominations, and then click on one or more of the orange rectangles in the middle.
  3. When there’s money on the table, the four buttons to the left of “Chip Selector” will color up. You can start the game by pressing “Deal.” The three other icons in Multihand Blackjack by IGT are there to help you adjust your wagers.
  4. You and the dealer will receive two cards each. You’ll need to decide how to play your hand before the house gets its turn. This game will give you warnings on when it’s a bad idea to hit or stand, but it won’t tell you anything about splits and double downs. If you wish to become a blackjack master and play with the lowest possible house edge, you’ll have to adopt the “basic strategy” approach. You can read more about it on our dedicated “Blackjack Strategy” guide, which can be accessed through the bar at the top of this page.

If you wish to adjust your sound, check the rules, and access the “Settings” menu, you’ll find the relevant buttons at the top-right corner.

The RTP and Payouts of Multihand Blackjack by IGT

Blackjack Pays Regular Wins Insurance Pays RTP
3:2 1:1 2:1 99.60%

In this section of our IGT Multihand Blackjack review, we’ll talk about money. More specifically, how much you’ll get paid for winning and what returns you should expect if you play for a while. As the above table shows, you’ll receive a 3:2 payout (x1.5 times your bet) every time you form a 21 from your initial two cards. This is known as “blackjack” or a “natural.” In all other cases, your winnings will be equal to the bet you’ve placed. If you and the dealer get an identical score in the 17-21 range, you’ll tie, and your money will be returned. It’s best to skip taking insurance, as it requires an additional wager and only pays when the dealer gets a natural or around 30% of the time.

The theoretical RTP of IGT Multihand Blackjack online stands at 99.60%. This means that you’re expected to lose $0.40 for every $100 you bet, but only if you play for a really long time and follow the basic blackjack rules. Don’t get us wrong, playing on a hunch will likely result in larger losses, so sticking to the above approach is recommended. Also, the immediate outcome of your sessions is largely dependent on your luck, especially if you’re using all three hands versus the dealer.

Customize Your Experience through the Options Menu

Before we conclude our IGT Multihand Blackjack review, it’s worth noting that you can customize this game to your liking. Use the “Options” page at the bottom-right corner to change the felt color and toggle sound & the safety net warnings on/off. We also recommend disabling insurance and trying out the “speed-turbo” mode. The latter will remove the non-essential card-dealing animations to save a bit of time on each round.

The Conclusion

We have nothing but praise for this IGT product. It has appealing visuals; it’s customizable, accepts a wide range of bets, and has a lower house edge than most blackjacks. Additionally, the multihand mode and side bet version of this release are always there to entertain players who seek high volatility.

The only problem we have with Multihand Blackjack by IGT is its limited availability. The two casinos we highlighted are great choices for US and UK players, but those living outside these countries will likely struggle to find the game.

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