IGT Blackjack Review - Super Fast Gameplay for Experienced Players

IGT is a legend in the casino industry. The company’s reel machines are the main attraction at countless real-life venues and are also quite popular on select gaming websites. The developer is also behind some excellent table games, but the trouble is that they’re incredibly hard to find.

In this review, we’ll take a look at IGT’s blackjack. Online players who like to play fast will love this title, as it has one of the most satisfying turbo modes we’ve ever tested. Its other merits include high return rates and a ruleset that isn’t too generous to the house. We’ve looked for hours trying to find great casinos that offer this product. Feel free to save time and use the below list if you’d like to play it today.

Here’s Where You Can Find IGT Blackjack Online

Golden Nugget Casino logo
Golden Nugget

One of the largest licensed online operators in the USA. Golden Nugget offers slots, table games like blackjack by IGT, scratchcards, video poker, and every other iGaming genre you can imagine. Keep in mind that the site is available only in states where online gambling is regulated.

NetBet casino logo

NetBet is a licensed site with an international presence. On top of that, this casino is full of fantastic games and always comes up with exciting and unusual promotions. It features content from over 40 providers, including IGT.

IGT Blackjack Rules – All You Need to Know

Playing online Blackjack by IGT

If you’ve played blackjack before, the rules of this release won’t surprise you too much. If you haven’t, please click on the “Rules” button at the top of the page to catch up on the basics. Here, we’ll discuss some of the variables that are frequently changed in virtual games of 21.

First off, this title uses six decks of 52 cards each and a mechanism that shuffles them between rounds. On one side, this is good because the RTP rate stays consistent, but on the other, card counting is made impossible.

IGT blackjack’s rules require the dealer to draw until 16 and always stand once their hand reaches 17 points and up. You’ll be offered insurance when the croupier’s face up-card is an Ace. A check for blackjack will be performed both in the former case and when their up-card has a value of 10. Additionally, the “8-card Charlie” rule is in effect, meaning that you’ll always beat the dealer if your hand reaches 8 cards and doesn’t go bust. However, you won’t have the opportunity to surrender if you don’t like your starting hand.

Blackjack by IGT is played with a single hand, so it’s a good thing the split rules are liberal. You can divide your hand whenever the starting two cards you hold are of equal value. Of course, this privilege requires a twofold increase in your starting bet. It’s possible to double down and hit after a split. Aces are the exception to this rule, as each divided hand receives one extra card. You can also re-split, but only once per round. As for double downs, they are available on any 2-card hand, regardless of its total.

Playing the Game for Free: A Tutorial for Beginners

Play Blackjack by IGT for free
  1. The casinos we’ve listed near the top of this IGT blackjack review give you a rare opportunity of trying a free version of this game. Pick one that’s available in your region, then find the demo by using the filters on the websites.
  2. Once everything loads, pick one of the playing chips from the bottom-left side and put it on the indicated area in the middle. When you do, the three buttons at the bottom will light up. “Deal” starts the game, while the other two are for adjusting or clearing your bets.
  3. The croupier will proceed to distribute two cards on each side. Both of yours are visible, but the house’s hand will only show one. From here, you decide whether to hit, stand, split, or double. Our IGT blackjack review team recommends playing according to “basic strategy.” If the term doesn’t ring a bell, our dedicated strategy page can help you out. Find it by scrolling up and clicking on the relevant button from the gray bar.

If you wish to adjust your sound, check the rules, and access the “Settings” menu, you’ll find the relevant buttons at the top-right corner.

Blackjack by IGT: Payouts & RTP

Blackjack Pays Regular Wins Insurance Pays RTP
3:2 1:1 2:1 99.60%

The paytable of this release is just the way we like it: sweet, short, and unsurprising. As you can see, all the payouts follow convention. When combined with the player-friendly rules, they result in a satisfying RTP of 99.60%. This return rate is slightly higher than your standard game of 21, but you’ll need to follow basic strategy to a T if you wish to achieve it.

Another great aspect of IGT’s blackjack online is that it allows a wide range of bets to be placed. Typically, the limits stand at $1-$1,000, although online blackjack operators are able to tweak these values.

Don’t Forget to Try These Special Features

In Conclusion

This game is impressive. It plays well, pays great, and has all the functionalities to support blackjack novices and veterans alike. It doesn’t feature multi-hand mode, but its default betting limits are wide enough to make up for this omission.

The only trouble is that it’s incredibly hard to find IGT’s blackjack. Online casinos tend to focus on the company’s slots and offer table games from other developers. Still, we managed to locate and list a few operators that have this release. Feel free to check them out for a premier iGaming experience.

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