BGaming Double Exposure Blackjack Review – See the Dealer’s Starting Hand

Part of a series of blackjack game releases from BGaming, this Double Exposure version was introduced to the gaming world in the middle of 2018. Playing it will provide you with quite the advantage in comparison to standard versions of the card game, as you’ll be able to see the total of the dealer’s first two cards upon them being dealt. Quite the compelling reason to play!

Where to Play BGaming Double Exposure Blackjack Online

A selection of online casinos host games from the BGaming developer, and you will find the Double Exposure Blackjack option within their lobbies. Of course, we want you to only play at the best casinos, which is why we are going to give you some information on the best platform to play it at. So, which online casino gets our seal of approval for BGaming releases?

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Understanding the BGaming Double Exposure Blackjack Rules

It may be common to think that all versions of this card game have roughly the same base rules surrounding them. And while that is true in many instances, Double Exposure is its own entity. So, while the main goal of the game is still to get as close to 21 with your card hand(s), various other alternative rules are in place throughout.

The BGaming Double Exposure Blackjack rules dictate that when the dealer is in play, they must stand on all 17s and that the dealer wins all ties unless a tied blackjack is revealed. These would usually result in a push outcome. A blackjack win will also pay out even money instead of the normal 3:2 reward.

That being said, all card values remain the same, with picture cards counting for 10 and the ace counting as 1 or 11. And the game utilizes 8 decks of 52 cards, with the cards being shuffled after each round. It is due to the fact that both the dealer’s initial cards are dealt face-up that the rules have been tweaked so as to fall slightly more in their favor, though.

How to Proceed with Playing Double Exposure Blackjack by BGaming

BGaming Double Exposure Blackjack tutorial

Should you take the decision to play this Double Exposure variant of blackjack, then you will see a very similar table layout to all others. Your first task is to decide on the bet that you want to place, with each hand you play having bet limitations of between 1 coin and 100 coins. You simply need to use the chips running along the bottom of the screen and then click on the circle at the bottom of the table to place a wager.

Once satisfied with the bet, you can click on the ‘Deal’ button to the right, which will deal the cards out to both you and the dealer. You can instantly compare your hand(s) to the dealer due to all being face-up. Should either yourself or the dealer have a blackjack of an ace and a 10 card, then the round instantly ends with the owner of the blackjack winning. If not, the time comes to make your next move – either a hit or a stand. The former deals another card out to your hand, and the latter allows you to stand with the total you have. If you hit and go above 21, though, you’ll go bust.

After you have taken your turn, the play passes over to the dealer, who does the same thing. Either you win, the dealer wins, or there is a tie outcome.

BGaming Double Exposure Blackjack online also has a couple of additional functions that can come into play. These are:

The RTP and Payouts of This Blackjack Variant

BGaming Double Exposure Blackjack game payouts

Choosing to play this online game will see you accessing a release with a 99.3% RTP rate. Generally speaking, all online blackjack games come with great RTP rates. Double Exposure tends to lean a bit more in favor of the dealer, though, for obvious reasons.

Payouts from the game don’t go any higher than 1:1, including payouts for winning with a blackjack hand. Any winning player hand or tied blackjack will result in this reward. Anything else is considered to be a loss – even standard tied hands, which the dealer wins. These payouts are in place due to the fact that both the dealer’s cards can be seen from the get-go, giving you a clear advantage.

Any Special Features to Look Out for in the Game?

Blackjack is not historically a game that comes with a plethora of special features involved in gameplay for you to experience. And when we were playing it to write this BGaming Double Exposure Blackjack review, we discovered that this is very much true for this release. The special part about it is the fact that the dealer’s two cards are displayed face-up for you to see before you make your moves. Other than this, there is little more included within the game.


When it comes to blackjack, it stands out as being one of the easier card games to get the hang of anyway. So, any newcomers would nicely benefit from this Double Exposure game, considering the advantage is tipped in the player’s direction with both the dealer cards displayed. Plus, the betting range suits this demographic well, too. Perhaps it may be a little restrictive for high rollers, with the maximum bet per hand being 100 coins. On the whole, though, BGaming has done amazing with the graphics and gameplay, and we think it’s definitely one to check out.

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