Blackjack Double Exposure 3 Hand Online — Beat the Dealer without the Guesswork

In Blackjack, the house has a small edge over the player. One of the factors that give this advantage is that the croupier hides the second card in their starting hand. This forces players to hit and stand based on guesswork and probability rather than evidence.

If you’d like to play on equal terms with the dealer, our “Blackjack Double Exposure 3-Hand” review might intrigue you. Read on to find out more about the game’s rules, payouts, pros and cons, and the best places to play it for real money.

Where to Play Blackjack Double Exposure 3 Hand Online

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Without a doubt, MELbet has one of the biggest entertainment arsenals you can find online. This operator packs the entire portfolios of 90 software developers, including Habanero, NetEnt, and Microgaming. It also welcomes new players with matches on their first five deposits and up to 290 Slot spins.

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Casino X accepts and issues payments via cryptocurrencies and traditional methods. The venue boasts a massive progressive jackpot selection, tons fixed jackpot Slots, in addition to a comprehensive array of RNG and live table games that includes Habanero’s Blackjack Double Exposure 3-Hand online.

Here Are the Blackjack Double Exposure 3 Hand Rules

an online game of double exposure blackjack 3 hand by Habanero

Before we dive deep into the details of this release, let’s cover its more apparent aspects. As the name suggests, this version of Blackjack forces the house to keep both of their starting cards in a face-up position. As a result, players can easily determine whether to try and improve their score or to stand and let the dealer have their turn. Also, you can play with up to three hands at once, which increases the risk/reward ratio.

Blackjack Double Exposure 3-Hand by Habanero is played with five regular 52-card decks. The house will stand on hard 17s but will hit the soft ones. Keep in mind that ties won’t do you any good, as the rules dictate that the dealer will win if both of you have the same score, except in the case of two Blackjacks.

You can split once per hand, but it’s not possible to divide, unlike cards with a value of 10 (e.g., a King and Queen). Only one additional card is drawn to a pair of divided Aces. Doubles can happen when you have a hard or soft hand with a value of 9, 10, or 11. Since Blackjack Double Exposure 3-Hand online forces the croupier to reveal their starting hand, the peek rule and “Insurance” bet are not available.

Start Playing with This Easy Tutorial

If you’re new to gaming and Blackjack, in particular, starting with a “Double Exposure” variant is one of the best things you could do to learn the ropes. In this section, we’ll teach you how to practice and master this game in four easy steps.

Blackjack double exposure mobile version

Aside from that, all the options, tips, and rules of this release are located on the top-right side. They allow you to toggle the mute and full-screen modes on/off and see the “Help” page.

The RTP and Payouts of Blackjack Double Exposure 3-Hand by Habanero

This game is quite straightforward when it comes to payouts. Every time you win, you’ll get your original bet (and any doubles) back and win an amount of equal value. This also applies when you score a natural 21.

The top RTP rate you can achieve is 98.80%, which is superior to that of most Slots, Casino Pokers, and every type of Roulette. However, you’ll have to play Blackjack Double Exposure 3-Hand online with a primitive strategy to achieve it.

We need to note that most classic Blackjack versions come with superior return to player rates, usually around 99.50%. This is mainly because your bets get returned on ties, and naturals pay 3:2.

To Conclude

Our experts agree that this title can appeal to two or three groups of players. Although its house edge is greater than that of the regular variants, the difference is less than 1%. Thus, newcomers can expect better returns, as it will be easier to avoid mistakes when both of the dealer’s cards are exposed.

Also, high rollers might like that the Blackjack Double Exposure 3-Hand rules often permit bets of up to $1,000 per hand. If you’d like to try this exciting release yourself, feel free to select an approved operator from our list and start playing today!

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