Nucleus European Blackjack Review – Game Rules, Strategy and Distinctive Differences

Nucleus Gaming is one of the most prolific developers of RNG table games. So far, the studio has released more than 20 such titles, and several of them are blackjacks. We’ve already reviewed the company’s exotic games of 21, so it’s finally time to go back to the basics.

This article will analyze Nucleus’ European Blackjack online and compare its rules and payouts to the well-known American kind. Learn which version gives you a better chance of winning and find reputable operators that offer Nucleus European Blackjack online and will allow you to play for free and real money from the below list.

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Examining Nucleus’ European Blackjack Rules

For the most part, the core principles of American and European blackjack are the same. There are no changes in terms of your objective and the card values. If you’re not aware of those, you’re welcome to catch up on the basics by scrolling up and clicking on “Rules” at the top bar.

The first notable change in the Nucleus European Blackjack rules is how hole cards are dealt. In US blackjack, each side receives two cards at the start of a round. The player pair is always visible, while the croupier shows one card, keeping the second one face-down.

In the Euro version, the croupier only receives one card. This eliminates the peek rule, meaning that the dealer won’t check for blackjack if their first card is an Ace or has a value of 10. In other words, you’ll run the risk of losing more money if you double or split against these cards. Insurance is still offered against an Ace, but you can’t surrender at any point after pressing “deal” or take even-money if you happen to have a blackjack yourself.

According to the Nucleus European Blackjack rules, the dealer uses six 52-card decks and shuffles them between your bets. Your opponent will always draw until 16 and stand on any 17. Doubling down is possible on any 2-card hand with a hard total of 9-11 points, including splits. You’re allowed to split once per hand and hit all pairs except Aces, which receive only one extra card.

Practice & Play for Free with This Tutorial

Play Nucleus European Blackjack

Learning the ropes and testing this game is super easy. Our guide will show you how to get going and hone your skills in four easy steps:

  1. Creating a casino account is not required if you want to practice with a demo of European Blackjack by Nucleus. The websites on our list near the beginning of this article all have the game. Pick one and look for the title in their “table games” sections.
  2. After you select to play for fun, you can directly click on any of the “place bet” areas and press “deal” to begin. Adjusting your wagers and the chip denomination happens with the buttons & widgets that surround the “deal” icon. The $1-$100 limits apply to a single hand, so if you wish to wager more money, you can activate a second and third position for a multi-hand mode.
  3. Cards will be dealt as per the Nucleus European Blackjack rules we discussed earlier. If you wish to adjust the speed of dealing, try the arrowed keys at the lower-right corner.
  4. Playing on intuition is not recommended. While this is a game of chance, there’s an approach called “basic strategy” that will give you the best results. You can find tips on what move to perform based on the current cards by clicking on “?” at the bottom-left, then locating the “Basic Blackjack Strategy” paragraph.

Here’s How the Payout Looks in European Blackjack by Nucleus

Nucleus European Blackjack House Edge

The payout structure of Nucleus’ European Blackjack online is identical to what’s offered on the Vegas Strip. Your reward for standard wins will be equal in size to your bet, while beating the dealer with natural increases the payout to x1.5 your stake. If you opt for insurance, it will cover your bet completely if the dealer gets a blackjack. Still, it’s best to skip this option as it costs half your bet, and the dealer will only reveal a natural around 30% of the time.

Due to the small differences in the rules regarding card dealing and doubles, the theoretical RTP is around 0.10%-0.15% lower than what we consider as standard. Still, the house edge in Nucleus’ European Blackjack online is much lower than other casino games like slots, roulette, and keno.

Quick Payout Information

In Conclusion

Although the differences are marginal, the European version is inferior to what’s played on the Vegas Strip. This release is by no means bad, yet it’s hard to recommend it when it’s always paired with other Nucleus Blackjacks with better return rates. Their graphics and features are all the same, so it makes no sense to go for a variant with lower return rates.

If you’re looking for the best Nucleus Gaming blackjack, try “Single Deck” or “Super 7.” The former comes with a 99.62% RTP, while the latter is a close second with 99.54% and comes with an attractive side bet. The good news is that the casinos on our list have all these titles, so you can play them with real money or for free at your leisure.