Red Tiger Classic Blackjack Review — Great for High Rollers & Beginners

Most online casino players know Red Tiger Gaming as a creator of awesome slots. The studio is behind the ultra-popular “Daily Jackpot” reel machines, which can be found in almost every big gaming site.

This software supplier also has a small table game selection that tends to get overlooked due to the popularity of its slots. Today, we’ll examine Red Tiger’s Classic Blackjack online, one of the titles that impressed our team the most. Don’t miss out on this one if you like to bet big or are just starting with the genre. Learn about its rules and play Red Tiger’s Classic Blackjack online in seconds by choosing one of the blackjack casinos on our list.

Casino Red Tiger Blackjack Other RNG Live Dealer Bonus* Action
22 Bet logo YES 80+ YES $300 Play
Playamo casino logo YES 10+ YES $300 Play
1xslots casino logo YES 90+ YES $1000 Play

Understanding the Red Tiger Classic Blackjack Rules

As the name implies, Red Tiger’s Classic Blackjack online is played according to a rather traditional set of rules. There are some small changes and additions that we’ll detail here, but overall, your goal is still the same. You compete against the dealer, trying to obtain a higher hand while not going over the score of 21.

A total of eight standard decks are used, each containing 52 cards. They’re always shuffled between games, which won’t delight card counters. Numbered cards are counted as their numerical value, Jacks, Queens, and Kings are worth 10 points, while Aces are valued at 1 or 11 points, depending on your hand.

The Red Tiger Classic Blackjack rules require the dealer to check for blackjack whenever their visible card is an Ace. Before that, you’ll be offered insurance, but keep in mind that taking an even-money payout is not possible if you have a blackjack versus an Ace up-card. The croupier must also draw until 16 and stand on any hand worth 17 or more points. The Charlie rule and the option to surrender are not included.

Doubling is only possible on hard 2-card hands worth between 9 and 11 points, including splits. To split, your first two cards must be of the same point value. Re-splitting is not allowed, and nor is hitting split Aces. However, the Red Tiger Classic Blackjack rules allow you to place bets on up to 3 positions against the dealer. This multi-hand feature works great with the wide $1-$2,000 limits, opening many possibilities for high rollers and betting system users.

Test the Game for Free in Seconds

Play Red Tiger Classic Blackjack

Our Red Tiger Classic Blackjack review highly recommends this release to new players because it includes a feature called “the book says.” If you turn this functionality on, you’ll receive tips on how to play according to basic blackjack strategy, which is the best approach in terms of statistical success. The best thing is that there are no charts to follow, you simply need to enable the feature. Let’s see how you can do it while testing the game for free:

  1. The operators that we featured in the beginning were picked for a reason. They allow most of their games to be played for free without requiring you to create an account. Pick the one you fancy the most and select “table games” once you’re inside the game browser.
  2. Classic Blackjack by Red Tiger may be titled simply as “Blackjack” or “Classic Blackjack” at these venues. However, you can find it easily by typing "Classic Blackjack" in the search bar or select the gaming provider "Red Tiger" and browse through the titles if the website offers such filters, then click the “Try” or “For Fun” buttons.
  3. After the loading screen, tap on the spanner icon at the top-right and make sure that “the book says” is enabled. Then, select a playing chip from the kitty-corner and put it on one of the circles in the middle.
  4. The round starts when you press “deal.” Four cards will be dealt per side, assuming you’re not using multi-hand mode. Afterward, you’ll see the recommended action according to basic strategy above the dealer’s hand. Follow it to get the maximum returns from Red Tiger Classic Blackjack online.

Keep in mind: The only time you shouldn’t listen to “the house says” is when you have an 11 against a 10-value card from the dealer. The guide will advise you to double, but since dealer peeks don’t apply to 10-value cards, it’s better to hit and avoid risking more money against a potential blackjack.

The Payouts of Classic Blackjack by Red Tiger

Blackjack Pays Regular Wins Insurance Pays RTP
3:2 1:1 2:1 99.28%

As you can see from the above table, this title features a standard payout scheme. Still, we suggest avoiding insurance. It requires you to increase your bet by 50%, yet the odds of the dealer getting a natural are just over 30%. In other words, it’s best to take your chances.

Our Red Tiger Classic Blackjack review team notes that the 99.28% RTP is a tad bit lower than the 99.40%-99.50% considered as the average for traditional games of 21. Still, most other virtual titles won’t help you when it comes to playing, so you’ll likely end up winning more often here, especially if you’re not that experienced.

Keep an Eye Out for These Functionalities

Red Tiger Classic Blackjack Features

Final Summary

Any developer can create a blackjack game with ease but crafting a great one takes effort. Red Tiger Gaming has clearly taken the time to produce a remarkable product. It has attractive visuals, it’s fantastic to play on mobile, and its quality-of-life features truly make for a better playing experience.

Try Classic Blackjack by Red Tiger today by picking one of our recommended operators. They’ll allow you to play for free and reward those who stake real cash with hefty bonuses and enviable customer service.