1x2 Gaming Blackjack Review - A Classic Version of the Popular Casino Game

Created by one of the most prominent software developers in the iGaming industry, Blackjack by 1x2 Gaming entered the mainstream somewhere around the year of 2017. Offering a simplified gameplay environment, this Blackjack shines with a variety of different features; however, it doesn't come without its flaws. In this 1x2 Gaming Blackjack review, we will lay down all of the merits the game has to offer and discover why many people in the iGaming industry still play it to this day.

Popular Destinations to Play the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack Online

1x2 Gaming is a developer renowned for providing its gambling software products to hundreds of online casinos. With that being said, it doesn't come as a surprise that every time you visit an online casino that has 1x2 Gaming products, you will also find their Blackjack software there as well. You can check out some of the most popular places that offer it below:

LeoVegas casino logo

Аs a highly licensed, awarded, and accredited online gambling establishment, LeoVegas delivers a platform that is bursting at the seams when it comes to games. Since its start in 2011, this establishment has shown its remarkable evolution to players and industry critics everywhere. Today, it is one of the few platforms online that offers more than a thousand gaming titles in its portfolio - including Blackjack by 1x2 Gaming.

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Royal Panda

Renowned for its collection of slots, this royal online gambling establishment impresses with its remarkable selection of games and bonuses. Royal Panda casino is also one of the few online gambling websites that proudly display their certificates of fairness and authenticity, as well as the full collection of software products provided by 1x2 Gaming.

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Аs one of the most modern gambling platforms today, Casinoin started its iGaming market domination in 2019, and despite its somewhat odd name, it managed to amass a significant number of members in a short amount of time. Not only will players find the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack online game here, but also all of the other titles offered by the developer.

Casiplay logo

Made famous thanks to its large welcome bonus offers and high level of platform security, this online gambling website offers a great deal of games including those provided by the software developer 1x2 Gaming. Many players have reported that the casino's VIP system was also quite beneficial, especially when playing the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack online game.

22BET casino logo

One of the most diverse gambling platforms on this list, 22BET is a multi-faceted gambling website known for offering both sportsbook and casino services. Impressively enough, among the thousands of RNG games offered by the casino, players will find the entire portfolio of 1x2 Gaming, including their one and only Blackjack title.

All of the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack Rules You Need to Know

1x2 Gaming Blackjack game rules

Just as it is described in the information section, the most important rule in Blackjack by 1x2 Gaming, is not to go over 21! The second most important one, is to have a greater or equal hand value to the dealer. This version of the game is played with six decks of 52 cards each, which are reshuffled after each round. All cards with the following suits will have a value of 10 points - 10, J, Q, and K. Aces of any kind will have a value of either 1 or 11 - it will depend on either a player's preference, or the most effective tactic available during a player's turn. When it comes to any cards that are from 2 to 9, they will be counted at face value.

It’s the way in which the rules are explained here, that thoroughly points out the fact that the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack online version is heavily geared toward beginners. After all, this Blackjack type specifically denotes that there is no significance placed on different card suits, and all that matters is the actual value count of a player's or dealer's hand. Once a player has placed a bet, the gaming round will officially begin. The AI dealer will provide the player with two face-up cards, while giving itself with a single face-up card, and a single face-down card.

1x2 Gaming Blackjack Online Functions and Mechanic

Once you've loaded the game, the first thing you can do is choose the "chip amount" you would like to place as a bet. The smallest amount you can stake is 0.50 credits, while the largest - 200. Depending on the casino and country a player accesses the game from, the credits will most likely be substituted for the jurisdiction's most appropriate currency. To start the gaming round, all you have to do is press on the "deal" button. After your initial hand has been dealt, the three most common choices that you will be given are either to hit, stand, or double.

This Is How Doubling Works

Doubling is the only instance where a player can go over the maximum allowed betting limit; however, the action itself will come with a few conditions. If, for example, you've bet the maximum of 200 credits and have chosen to double your bet, the dealer will provide the player with only one additional card, and then automatically "stand" on behalf of the player.

There Are Two Convenient Re-bet Buttons

Once your gaming round is finished, you can choose whether to make an entirely new bet, re-bet the same amount of money you did last time, or re-bet it with a double multiplier. The "re-bet x2", as it is also known, is incredibly useful, especially if you're trying to implement some sort of a Blackjack strategy. While the mechanic is convenient, you won't be able to use the feature if the potentially doubled amount is going to exceed the allowed maximum betting limit of 200 credits.

Play More Hands with the Split Feature

Split Cards | 1x2 Gaming Blackjack

Every person has the chance to play more than one hand if they want to, with the help of the split function. If on your opening hand you have a total count of 20 (made up of two cards), you can place another bet, and play two hands at the same time, simultaneously. The "double-up" feature will be available on both of those hands!

One major benefit of the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack online, is that the split button will appear during any "natural 20", and/or if the player manages to land two cards of the same suit (for example, two 3's, 5's, etc.). Players will be able to split their main hand only once. Even if the two resulting hands answer to the split criteria, the game will not permit the formation of additional hands. Nevertheless, if you do manage to successfully split and double the bet of your hands on the maximum betting limits possible, you will be looking at a payout of 800 credits!

A General Lack of Additional Game Settings

Perhaps, this is the only topic where Blackjack by 1x2 Gaming doesn't seem to offer much. In addition to the information section that contains the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack rules, players won't find any settings that would allow them to tweak the game's interface or customize it in any way. You will be able to toggle any sounds on and off, but that is pretty much it.

Different Payouts and RTP Rate

Listed to have an RTP rate of 99.54%, the Blackjack by 1x2 Gaming is undoubtedly one of the versions in the entire RNG genre that has such a favorable return to player value. Perhaps, this is due to the fact that the game functions with 6 decks, rather than with 8 - which is considered to be the general standard for online card games of the same genre. Regardless of the RTP, this particular game has the following payout odds:

If both the dealer and player have the same scores at the end of the gaming round, the game's result will be decided as a "push". If that's the case, neither will lose nor win, and the player will effectively get back their initial bet. What is a bit peculiar here, however, is the fact that if the game results in a push, a "win" message will be displayed for the player.

The Insurance Side Bet Might Help You Out

Try Blackjack by 1x2 Gaming

If the initial face-up card of the dealer is an Ace, the game will ask the player if they would like "insurance". This is a side bet, that essentially allows the player to place half the amount of their current bet on the dealer's side. If the dealer suddenly reveals to have a natural blackjack hand, the player will lose their original bet; however, their insurance bet will win.

Although this type of bet might seem a bit strange to place, it helps players to feel extra safe, and potentially allow them to defend themselves from the more favorable hand of the dealer. The main purpose of the insurance side bet is not to make a profit, but to “break even”. Even if a player loses the insurance, their balance will still receive 50% of their last bet as profit.

The insurance bet’s addition to the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack online is considered an advantage because most software developers that produce the same card game don't usually include it. In some cases, online casinos themselves will request that a developer removes the insurance function, as it is considered to be quite favorable to the players, especially to those who have experience with the genre.

Additional Observations about This Blackjack Version

Although there are a few kinks to the game that might be classified as drawbacks, one of them is much more significant than the others. If you already have a good hand you would like to keep, there is a real danger of pressing the "hit", instead of the "stand" button. In other games of the same genre, if such an event occurs, a message will prompt the player to confirm their selection; however, that's not the case here.

There are many cases where players wanted to stand on 20, and accidentally asked the dealer for another card - which resulted in a bust. If you're playing the 1x2 Gaming Blackjack, you always need to be alert and aware of how the game behaves, as well as the position of its controls - simply because making an honest mistake might cost you a pretty penny!

Ideal for Players Who Want to Learn the Game

If you would like to try the Blackjack by 1x2 Gaming, the main thing you need to be aware of is that the game is slow-paced, and there is nothing you can do to change that. Seemingly, this is done with the idea of not only introducing new players to the game at a steady pace, but also protecting them from quickly burning through their balance. This, however, doesn't mean that the 1x2 Gaming title should be avoided by high rollers - in fact, the maximum betting limit of 200 credits is more than reasonable for players that like some high stakes action. Go ahead and check it out if you can, it might be the one you're looking for!

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