Pragmatic Play American Blackjack Review - A More Diverse Gameplay

In 2014, Pragmatic Play released another version of a popular online casino card game - American Blackjack. By featuring crisp graphics, optimized animations and superb gameplay, this particular game continues to be among the most played ones in Blackjack online casinos worldwide. How many hands can you play here? What are the potential profits you can get? This Pragmatic Play American Blackjack review answers those questions, and provides a few tips along the way!

Play American Blackjack Online for Real Money in These Verified Venues

Because of the developer's high profile, finding the Pragmatic Play American Blackjack online is not going to be hard. With that being said, the most well-known Internet gambling websites that feature any type of Pragmatic gaming software, are bound to offer the American Blackjack game. We have listed some of the most famous ones below.

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With over 1,000 games, PlayOJO is a renowned online casino that has millions of players worldwide. Since starting in 2017, this iGaming website became incredibly famous for offering an extensive promotional program that is not subjected to any wagering requirements!

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As a highly awarded online casino, Casumo has built its reputation around the fact that it offers several thousand games. This extensive gaming portfolio not only features the most modern iGaming titles that exist today, but also all of Pragmatic's gaming software - including American Blackjack.

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Famous for its sportsbook and online casino services, bet365 is one of the most recognized iGaming brands in the world. In addition to offering American Blackjack by Pragmatic play, bet365 is renowned for having countless licenses and awards which were granted by the leading administrations and award ceremonies in the iGaming industry.

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When 888 began its journey in 1997, it was one of the first online casinos that decided to go with their own iGaming software. After the iGaming business started to evolve, 888 saw a need to incorporate a number of new games within its portfolio. Today, 888casino and Pragmatic Play are considered to be excellent business partners.

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This online gambling website might be more famous for its sportsbook services, but its online casino platform easily rivals those of other iGaming brands. Betway offers an incredibly expanded portfolio, which also contains the American Blackjack game by Pragmatic Play.

The Pragmatic Play American Blackjack Rules Are Simple

The first and most important rule of the Pragmatic Play American Blackjack game is to not go over 21! The second most important one, is to not have less points than the dealer when the game round is concluding, or wait for the dealer to bust (go over 21). In contrast to the other version of the game (multi-hand) offered by the same developer, the American Blackjack by Pragmatic Play is played with 4 playing card decks instead of 8! This does appear to make the game a bit more risky, but also a lot more exciting.

American Blackjack game rules

The point values that will be assigned to the cards are as follows: Ace will be either 1 or 11 (which will depend on the most favored hand count and player preference), all face cards (J, Q, K) along with the number 10 card will each have a value of 10 points, cards that are numbered 2 through 9, will have same value as the one showed on them. The Pragmatic Play American Blackjack rules are easy to learn - you won't need to remember a lot of points and values.

A gaming round will typically begin after the player makes a bet, and presses on the "deal" button. The dealer will then dispense two face-up cards for the player, and two for himself - one will be face-up, and one will be face down. The cards will be given out one by one, to each participant in the game, until a hand of two cards is formed for both the player and the dealer.

Basic and Special Features You Should Expect

If we are to judge by the general iGaming standards for this genre, the Pragmatic Play American Blackjack online is a game with a balanced betting range. Players can choose to start their round with as little as $1, or go all out with $100 per hand. We should mention that because the game comes readily available in more than foreign 150 currencies, the bet numbers might be a bit different, depending on where you're playing the game from.

Once the game round has commenced, you can request additional cards to be dealt to you, or pass your turn to the dealer. An interesting addition here is that if you, for example, have a count of 17 and still request a "hit", the game will prompt an "action confirmation" dialogue box, because hitting a card after such a high count runs the risk of the player busting themselves. Here are a few more neat functions you can benefit from.

A Possible Way of Increasing Your Bet

Although initially you can't bet more than $100, you can use the "double-up" function. If you do, the game will automatically increase your bet by 100% and deal to you only one additional card - after which, it will automatically put the player on "stand" and give the turn to the dealer. You will win if the dealer's count is less than yours or they bust. Bear in mind that if you're interested in using the double-up function, you can do so only after you've been dealt your initial hand. What this means is that you won't be able to double up after "hitting" even once.

In the Event of a Natural Hand of Blackjack

A "natural", is when the first two cards that are dealt for either the dealer or the player form a Blackjack (a count of 21). If the dealer has a natural, and the player doesn't - the house will automatically win the round, and vice versa. In the event where both the player and the dealer have a natural, the game will result in a draw and nobody will win or lose anything.

Increase Gameplay Speed with Re-Bet

Once you've decided on a specific bet amount, you can use the re-bet button to place your cash, and instantly start the round. This will significantly increase your gameplay speed - bear in mind, however, that this function is recommended to players who are already familiar with the game. If you wish to readjust the value of your bet, simply wait for the game round to end and click on "new bet".

Split on Any Count of 20

Split Cards | American Blackjack

The Pragmatic Play American Blackjack online is a game that stands out from all others in the genre because it allows the player to split their hand every time they receive a hand with two cards that have a value of 10. In contrast, other Blackjack games only allow a split function if those cards are of the same type, such as two Queens, Jacks, etc. Here, however, if you get a Ten and a King, or a Jack and a Queen, the game will allow you to split your hand, automatically placing another bet on the second hand.

Given the nature of the American Blackjack splitting mechanic, this isn't a tactic that we would recommend to novice players. If you're bent on using it, however, we do recommend that you try the American Blackjack by Pragmatic Play in demo mode first, so you would know what to expect from this mechanic. If your initial hand is viable for it, a "split" button will appear. Although this feature allows the player to split as many times as possible in other versions of American Blackjack, it can be done only once.

Special American Blackjack Settings You Can Adjust

Although the Pragmatic Play American Blackjack online is designed in a very minimalistic fashion, the player can still utilize the game's menu and adjust a number of settings. Once you click on the gear icon, you will have the chance to engage the game's "turbo mode" and tinker with the game's sound effects. In the real money version of the game, you will also be able to review the "game history", which provides a detailed report on all of the hands you've played since the beginning of your gaming session.

The Strategy Card Is a Bonus

Are you wondering whether you should stand or hit another card? Among the many useful features offered by the game, this Pragmatic Play American Blackjack offers another - the advanced strategy card. Essentially, it is a popup window of suggestions that advise the player whether to hit, stand, double up, or split, depending on the dealer's faceup card and the player's hand count. The strategy card is a nice touch to the overall gameplay; however, you need to remember that using it doesn't mean that you will win every time. If you're a beginner player who wants to start creating your own tactic when playing the game, the strategy card will definitely provide you with some good pointers.

Standard Payout Odds in American Blackjack by Pragmatic Play

The first thing that should be mentioned here, is the Pragmatic Play American Blackjack RTP rate, which is 99.60%. If you're already somewhat savvy with return-to-player percentages, you will know that this is indeed quite high. Although a variety of factors contribute to the formation of such an RTP, one of the major ones is the number of decks (which is 4).

Try American Blackjack by Pragmatic Play

Once you've started a round on the Pragmatic Play American Blackjack online game, you can expect one of these three possible outcomes - win, lose, or draw. Depending on the type of win, a player can get more or less money. When the round results in a draw, regardless if the player and dealer have the same points or a natural Blackjack hand, the round results in a "push", meaning that neither parties win, and the initial bet of the player will be returned. We have listed all possible outcomes and their payout odds below:

American Blackjack with a Multi-hand Mechanic

In addition to the liberal split function of the game, you can also play this Blackjack in multi-hand mode. What this means, is that you can play up to 3 separate hands. You can do so with the same bet amount for all of them or choose a unique value for every round. Playing any additional hands will be the same as playing only one, with the notable difference that you will have the opportunity to win a whole lot of money! Theoretically, if a player is lucky enough to split all three hands into six and win all of them with a bet of $100 each, they will be looking at a payout of $1,200!

Use Insurance as a Side Bet

The only side bet that is available in the Pragmatic Play American Blackjack online game, is the "insurance" bet. Players can benefit from this particular option, only if the dealer is dealt an Ace card. Once this happens, the game will ask the player if they want to make an insurance bet. If the player agrees, the game will automatically place 50% of the current bet of the player. If the dealer gets a Blackjack and wins, the original stake of the player will be lost, but the insurance bet will win and cover the loss, effectively helping the player "break even".

Turbo Mode - Make the Game Even Snappier

By activating the turbo mode from the game's settings or directly clicking on the arrows button located in the top left corner of the screen, the player will disable any extra animations in the game. Although all animating effects are incredibly impressive, limiting them will significantly decrease the time between each gaming round, allowing for substantially faster gameplay. We do need to note that turbo play isn't recommended for beginner players - at least when playing for real money.

An Exceptional RNG Card Game by Pragmatic

When it comes to the variety of iGaming titles found today, it is an all-known fact that the majority of RNG table games that exist are quite outdated both in design and functionality. With its American Blackjack title, Pragmatic Play managed to raise the "quality bar" for how RNG games need to look and function. Today, the American Blackjack by Pragmatic Play is one of the most played RNG games in online casinos everywhere - if we judge by the numbers alone, this fact won't be changing any time soon. If you have the chance to check out this incredible game, we definitely recommend that you do so!

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