Nucleus 21 Burn Blackjack Review 2023 — A Table Game with a Twist

Blackjack has many merits, but just like everything else in life, it can get stale if you play it often. When price-conscious players look to change things up, a familiar problem rears its head. While there are many other casino games out there, they often come with a steeper house edge.

If you’re longing to shake things up but don’t want to settle with lower RTP rates, 21 Burn Blackjack by Nucleus Gaming might be the solution you need. In this review, we’ll explain what makes the title different from traditional blackjacks and show you how to try it for free. Those who’d like to wager real money are welcome to pick an approved operator from the below list.

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Everything about the Nucleus 21 Burn Blackjack Rules

Nucleus 21 burn blackjack game rules

This release features a “burn” side bet that alters the recommended playstyle. Before we discuss it in full, we’ll examine the rules of the main game, which aren’t that different from the Las Vegas strip rulebook. Nucleus 21 Burn Blackjack online is played with six standard French decks. Each one includes 52 cards sans the Joker.

The dealer always plays according to pre-established guidelines. They will draw until 16 and stand on a hard 17. If their 17-point hand is soft (contains an Ace), the dealer will try to improve it by drawing an additional card. Whenever you spot a card with a value of 10 or an Ace on the other side, the house will perform a check for Blackjack. In the latter case, you’ll get the option to insure your hand, although any experienced player avoids this bet due to its high house edge.

The Nucleus 21 Burn Blackjack rules regarding splits and doubles are the following:

Lastly, if you wish to crank up the variance, you can activate a second and third hand and play with multiple positions against the house. Keep in mind that additional bets are required for each new position you open.

Here’s How the “Burn” Side Bet Works

It’s time to check out the defining feature of Nucleus’ 21 Burn Blackjack online. When you place a bet and press “deal”, you and the dealer will receive two cards each. However, a face-down card will also be dealt in the middle. At the beginning of each round, you’ll have the option to substitute the second card you’re dealt with the hidden one by pressing the “burn” button.

Keep in mind that opting for this move costs money, 50% of your initial bet, to be precise. Also, the face-down card can be of any rank, so your score might not improve at all. On the bright side, 21 Burn Blackjack by Nucleus will pay out if the burn card turns out to be an Ace — 2:1 for Aces of Hearts, Clubs, and Diamonds, and 7:1 for an Ace of Spades.

How to Easily Find a Demo of the Game

Nucleus 21 burn blackjack demo

As all good blackjack players know, using basic strategy allows you to get the best returns from this game. However, standard charts won’t do you much good since they don’t account for the unique “burn” option. We highly recommend trying out a demo of this title, as you’ll likely require some practice to adapt your playstyle. Read on to learn how to start playing for free in just a couple of minutes:

  1. Scroll up to the beginning of our Nucleus 21 Burn Blackjack review and pick an operator from the table. Each one will offer you to play the game for free without requiring a registration. Your only concern is to select a casino that accepts customers from your country (usually, the page won’t load if you’re not eligible).
  2. Use the search bar to look up this specific title. Alternatively, you can easily find Nucleus Gaming with the “provider” search filter if the operator offers this option.
  3. When the table loads, you’ll notice that every area of interest to the player is located in the lower half of the screen. You have three “place bet” zones that allow you to play 21 Burn Blackjack by Nucleus in single- or multi-hand mode. One click on any of them will bet $1 at a time, and you can increase the playing chip denomination from the widget near the lower-right side. Do note that the “burn” side bet circle is just there for show. A dedicated button for it will appear once the game starts.
  4. Once ready, click on “deal” to begin. If the card dealing animations are too slow or fast for your liking, adjust them through the arrow buttons at the bottom right. When all the cards are dealt, you’ll see four or five new buttons appear. They represent the well-known hit, stand, split, and double options in addition to the “burn” move. Here’s where you’ll need to accustom your basic strategy to the peculiarities of Nucleus’ 21 Burn Blackjack online. It would be best to burn your second card when it’s worth between 2 and 6 points, and you have an Ace as a first card. If you need more tips, we have a special strategy page that deals with this subject.

The Payouts of 21 Burn Blackjack by Nucleus

You won’t need to thoroughly examine the paytable of this release as all the payouts are written on the table felt. We’re sorry to report that the largest win you can get from the base game is 1:1. The payout for natural blackjacks has been reduced from 3:2 to even-money, likely due to the side bet’s inclusion.

We disclosed the costs and potential benefits of burning your card earlier, so the only thing left on the paytable agenda is the insurance bet. On the felt of Nucleus’ 21 Burn Blackjack online, it’s written that insurance pays 3:2. That’s a mistake, as the real payout is 2:1. This option costs 50% of your base wager and covers it completely if the dealer lands a blackjack.

The game’s house edge is consistent with the average for the genre and measures at 0.50%. In other words, the expected return rate is superior to almost all other casino games.

The Conclusion

This title is intended to serve as a viable alternative to traditional blackjacks, and we have to say that 21 Burn Blackjack by Nucleus truly fulfills this purpose. Having the option to burn your second card simultaneously presents a challenge and an opportunity that will shake up your playstyle. Scoring a natural won’t feel as exciting due to the reduced payouts, but your overall returns won’t suffer if you master the side bet.

Each blackjack casino on our list has this Nucleus Gaming product in its portfolio. Try it for free or for real money by clicking on the “Play” button. No registration is needed for the demo mode. If you want to play for cash, remember to redeem one of the attractive welcome offers while creating your account.